Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Queen Elizabeth and her subjects

A jolly Queen Elizabeth graciously poses with me and Lynne Murphy(on right) at the Sisters in Crime High Tea during Bouchercon 2004 in Toronto

Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams, 18th century British diplomat

As a diplomat, Sir Charles was posted to Dresden, Berlin and finally, St. Petersburg where he became the go-between for the young lovers Catherine (to become the Great) and Stansislaw Poniatowski. The three historical figures and their story are featured in Find Me Again, published by Dundurn Press in Canada

Stanislaw Poniatowski, the last king of Poland

Here are 2 pictures of Stanislaw Poniatowski, featured in Find Me Again, one as a young man, one as king of Poland. He was Catherine's lover before she became Empress. She moved on to other lovers, but once she was in power, she used her influence to make him king of Poland.

Catherine the Great featured in Find Me Again

Here are 2 photos of Catherine the Great, one as a young girl, the other at age 30. In my book, Find Me Again, she is in her mid-twenties, before she became Empress of All the Russias

Sylvia and Howard Engel, creator of the Benny Cooperman mysteries, at the Crime Writers of Canada banquet, June, 2005, held at the Mysteriously Yours Theatre

18th century map of Europe with Prussia

This is an 18th century map of the area you will read about in Find Me Again. The three main historical characters in the book are Catherine the Great, her lover, Stanislaw Poniatowski, the last king of Poland, and their friend and go-between, Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams, a British diplomat posted in St. Petersburg, Dresden and Berlin.

Sylvia and Ian Rankin

Here is a photo of Ian Rankin and me clutching our Edgar awards at the 2004 Mystery Writers of America banquet, taken by Chris Aldrich of Mystery News. Ian won Best Novel for Resurrection Man and I took home the Best Paperwork Original for Find Me Again