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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cormorant publisher Marc Cote

Marc Cote waxing eloquent at the launch

Book Launch for Queen of Unforgetting

We had a great launch at Ben McNally's Bookstore despite the pouring rain. Publisher Marc Cote set up a tastefully arranged table of fresh fruit, gourmet cheeses and crackers to go with the champagne on ice. Everybody schmoozed and had a good time. John Lasruk took a lot of great pictures.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 interview

Here's a recently posted interview I did with about my new book The Queen of Unforgetting.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cormorant Books

Here's a link to Cormorant Books to see my new book, Queen of Unforgetting:

Barbara Kerslake with Northrop Frye and wife Helen at cottage

Here is a photo my friend Barbara Kerslake was generous enough to share with me. She's about 7 here, Frye considerably younger than most of us think of him. Barbara's grandfather was the well-known artist C.W. Jeffreys. And yes, Barbara's legs are still that long!

Frye is a character in my new book Queen of Unforgetting. My protagonist, the beautiful ambitious grad student, Mel Montrose, persuades him to supervise her thesis. Her area of interest is Jean de Brebeuf, the 17th century Jesuit who came to Huronia, now Simcoe County, to convert the Indians. Much of my story takes place in Midland, Ontario and nearby Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, the reconstructed mission/fort.


New book is out!

The Queen of Unforgetting hit the stores last week. Came down to Cormorant Books to pick up my copies and have lunch with publisher Marc Cote on a pretty spring day-- sat out on the patio of a Spadina cafe and exchanged scuttlebutt. The Queen book has a lovely mat cover with French flaps, rich chocolate brown (my daughter said it looked good enough to eat...) Cormorant is faring amazingly well in this economy, recently branched out into poetry and young adult. Must be doing something right.

See preview of Queen of Unforgetting at


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

proofs are in the pudding

I'm one of those people who doesn't believe something will happen until it happens. When I'm working on a book, I don't believe I will finish until I actually write the last page. Despite months of final revisions, copy-editing, deciding on a cover, etc., it wasn't until I saw the lovely proofs of Queen of Unforgetting last week that I really believed the book will see the light of day. Is it a failure of imagination? My constant irrational pessimism despite all evidence to the contrary? Whatever. I went through the proofs with a fine tooth comb, then sent my notes back to my editor. My job is done.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kim Moritsugu and I launch our new novels, The Restoration of Emily, and Season of Iron. Here we are reading to a full house at David Mirvish Books in Toronto last Sunday. Posted by Picasa

Husband Dr. Jerry Warsh, and I at the launch of my third Rebecca Temple book, Season of Iron, at David Mirvish Books, Sunday May 28th, 2006. Posted by Picasa

That's publisher, Kirk Howard, on my left, and my friend, Dr. Herb Batt, on my right at the launch of Season of Iron at David Mirvish Books, Sunday May 28th, 2006. In the left foreground, Kim Moritsugu, my launch partner, whose fourth book, The Restoration of Emily, was recently published. Posted by Picasa

My agent, John Pearce, and I, in a huddle during the launch of my third book in the Rebecca Temple series, Season of Iron.
Behind us are Dundurn publisher Kirk Howard and editor Michael Carroll. Posted by Picasa

Kim Moritsugu and I launch our new novels at Mirvish Books, a magnificent Toronto book store that incorporates a former art gallery. Posted by Picasa

Launch at David Mirvish Books

Maureen Jennings dropped into my launch at David Mirvish Books in Toronto. I launched Season of Iron on Sunday May 28th, 2006, together with Kim Moritsugu, who launched her fourth book, The Restoration of Emily. We had a great turnout and served cheese, fruit, and Stilton shortbread. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Kurfurstendamm, Berlin

The Kurfurstendamm is Berlin's most popular fashionable street, with exclusive shops and restaurants. In my book, Season of Iron, the Eisenbaums, a Jewish family, run a store in the 1930s which sells exclusive undershirts and underwear. It lies just off the Kurfurstendamm.

Olympic Stadium, Berlin 1936

This shows the Olympic Stadium in Berlin that the Nazis built for the 1936 Olympics.

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin

This is the Olympic Stadium in Berlin as it looks today. The stadium was built by the Nazi government for the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin. In my new book, Season of Iron, Frederika Eisenbaum has the unique opportunity, for a Jew, to attend the women's foil fencing match at the 1936 Olympics. The three medal winners were all part-Jewish.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Look for new book

My new book, Season of Iron, will be published in May 2006. In this 3rd in the Dr. Rebecca Temple series, she tries to help a homeless woman in Toronto in 1979. When the woman is killed, Rebecca finds that nobody is who they appear to be, from a German fencing instructor to an Egyptian physician developing a drug from snake venom. Alternating chapters follow a Jewish family, the Eisenbaums, in 1930s Berlin during the Nazi rise to power. The youngest, Frederika, becomes a doctor against all odds, but as the Nazi grip tightens around the Jews, she loses the right to practice, and is finally sent to a concentration camp. Rebecca’s and Frederika’s stories connect in a startling conclusion.